Philip Braham

“Philip Braham is an artist who expresses his feelings and ideas by using the landscape as a metaphor. He is a poet whose medium is the painted image. His compositions convey through the representation of the elements – earth, water, fire and air – aspects of the human spirit where the viewer, initially attracted to a rich image of nature, begins to enter a spiritual domain, the sum of whose parts is more than is contained by the boundaries of the canvas.

At first sight, Braham’s landscapes are accessible to the viewer; they are calm and subtle, containing many of the elements of the familiar. The tension begins, however, at the border between the idealism of the view and the turmoil that becomes evident as the elements presented begin to inter-relate. A journey of contemplation and reflection begins on one’s memories, inner conflicts and aspirations, the disturbing parts of which are loud echoes in the midst of those seemingly peaceful settings.”

B. Boukamel
March 1997



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