Philip Braham

In 2007, I began a series of paintings entitled “Drift” which depicts the surface of a river that is so still that it acts as a mirror to reflect the sky above. Objects, such as feathers and leaves, move into various constellations on this surface, and among these are tiny fragments of photographs typical of those found in a family album. Clusters form and disperse on a plane whose perspective is different from that of the reflected sky, disorientating the spatial perception of the viewer.
Photographs act as visual prompts for the record of our lives; they depict the people and places that have been important to us, and while these vary on an individual level, collectively they are very similar. In the representation of fragments of photographs moving among the natural objects that drift down the river, I mean to cause the viewer to reflect upon their own memories and the affiliations that constitute their intimate life within the broader framework of the enduring cycles of nature and the vast changing sky that surrounds us.

Drift 1

Drift 2

Drift 3

Drift 4

Constellation 1-4

Love Letter 1

Love Letter 1

Love Letter 3

The River's Lament

Model Universe 4th Attempt

Model Universe 7th Attempt

Model Universe 9th Attempt


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