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In ‘Still’, Braham returns to paint, the medium through which he has been successfully making his name since the mid-1980s. Braham last exhibited a series of paintings on a comparable scale in 2006. Since then, there is much that has developed in his approach (the form of stillness he practises, you see, is not a form of inertia). These transitions converge in two factors in particular: the way in which ‘Still’ depicts its human figures, and the way in which it integrates the viewer into the landscape. In the first case, Braham puts us into contact with the child seers, torchbearers, and former and future selves that populate our memories and our dreams. In the second, he envelops us within atmosphere - showing us how nature can only ever truly function as a setting for human existence where it has its own say. In both cases alike, Braham is seeking and achieving closer proximity to the viewer than ever before, making this by far the most intimate series of paintings he has produced. Read More

Dom Smith, June 2011



Antonine Hill

Corstorphine Hill

Windyhill Woods


The Black Woods of Rannoch

Bluebell Woods

The Hermitage

Templeton Woods

The Clearing

Failing Light, Vernal Equinox




December Morning

Fallen Leaves

The Churchyard

Colinton Dell

The Window

House Sparrow

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